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Description Of Bitumen C320

Bitumen C320 is a paving grade bitumen manufactured to AS 2008 Table 2.2 and is suitable for medium to heavy asphalt applications as well as for heavy duty and hot climate seals.

Applications Of Bitumen C320

Bitumen C320 is primarily for use in asphalt, but can also be sprayed as a sealing binder for heavy duty applications and in hot desert regions. In asphalt applications, appropriate mixture and pavement designs should be employed to maximise the performance of the asphalt layer in service.

Recommended handling data for asphalt applications are as follows:

Mixing Temperature Holding time at Mixing Temperature Medium term storage temperature Medium term storage time Maximum safe handling temperature
  165-175°C   14 days   130-150°C   30 days 185°C

Sealing recommendations

Spraying Temperature  Holding time at spraying temperature Medium term storage temperature Medium term storage time Minimum pavement temperature
  170-185°C   7 days   130-150°C   30 days 15°C

Health & Safety

Bitumen C320 is unlikely to present any significant health or safety hazard when properly used in the recommended application where good standards of industrial practice are maintained.

Typical characteristics

Description Units Methods Typical
Viscosity at 60° C Pa.s AS 2341.2 320
Viscosity at 135° C Pa.s AS 2341.2 0.5
Pen at 25° C dmm AS 2341.12 min 40
Flashpoint ° C AS 2341.14 min 250
Viscosity of residue at 60° C (% of original) Pa.s AS 2341.2 max 300
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