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Bitumen Coating



 Bitumen Coating

HJ OIL Co. Bitumen coating compositions having substantially improved application and drying properties and producing coatings of improved properties including resistance to ultraviolet rays and alligatoring resulting therefrom said coating compositions comprising volatile solvent solutions of a bitumen coating material having softening point between 110 F To 250 F. The bitumen coating are also characteristically non-viscous materials which are not thixotropic and are therefore ordinarily applied as thin films. The bitumen coating compositions may also contain filler materials which tend to settle from the non-thixotropic compositions after storage for only a short time. It has been proposed in the past to add inert colloidal fillers such as silica to obtain thixotropic properties and thicker films on the application of the compositions. However, even such inert fillers tend to affect only solution properties and generally exist in the finished coating as an expensive additive which does not benefit other properties of the coating.

Bitumen Pipe Coating

Bitumen pipe coat can be used both externally and internally on carbon steel pipes. It is usually black, and when applied properly, this coating offers outstanding cathodic protection needed for almost all structural steel pipes situated underground. It is regarded as one of the least expensive ways to provide cathodic protection to pipes. It is also the least complex coating process, making it suitable for casing pipes like in road bore.

Bitumen Paint

Asphalt paint is produced with asphalt as main material and gasoline as the solvent and through the processes of material selection, dissolving and sealing in the container. It is in flowing or semi-flowing state and has high viscosity and good durability, and its use needs no fire melting. The said asphalt paint is used in sealing roofing, sandwiched layer, etc. In various building engineering.

Bitumen Adhesive, Bitumen Glue

Bituminous adhesive glue is used in cold gluing of construction material in particular for its watertight properties. The known glue is thixotropic, which means that it becomes fluid when shaken, stirred or otherwise agitated and sets again to a gel when allowed to stand. The thixotropic properties of the known glue are obtained by the presence of both the polymerized oil in combination with the ethyl-vinyl-acetate copolymer resin (eva) and the non-polymerized oil in combination with oil absorbing fillers. The use of the combination of these compounds has the advantage that it provides the thixotropic properties without having to use some organic solvents.

Bitumen Felt

An asphalt felt belongs to the field of the building materials. The utility model is characterized in that a solid bitumen thin layer is attached on one surface of the asphalt felt; when the utility model is used, the liquefied bitumen can be first brushed on the top of the storied building using a brush and then one surface of the asphalt felt which the solid bitumen thin layer is attached on the top of the storied building, and the solid bitumen thin layer is syncretized with the liquefied bitumen on the top of the storied building by using a burner to deliver heat with resulting in that the asphalt felt is uniformly covered without causing waste, thus not only enhancing the effect of preventing the seepage of the rainwater, but also correspondingly reducing the workload due to that the amount of the used bitumen is reduced. The utility model has reasonable design and can be used conveniently.

Bitumen Tape

The bitumen tape of the invention is suitable for sanitary and building applications for sealing against water and in vehicles for sealing or for sound insulation especially for the construction or repair of roofs, covering joints or for the tight connection between masonry or concrete and installing parts like the window frame or sheet metal. The width of the bitumen tape preferably from 24 to 105 mm.

Bitumen Sheet

Bitumen sheet material is transported to a construction or use site, and the sheet material cut to the desired lengths. The releasable casting film material is removed to expose the tackified surface, and the tacky surface then placed, i.e. Pressed, against the masonry or other surfaces it is designed to protect, and held in place by the tacky nature of the exposed surface of the bitumen layer.

Bitumen Joint Sealer

Bitumen joint sealer dispersion as the sealant to male and/or female sections, evapn. Of the water and assembly of the joint under sufficient axial pressure to force out some of the sealants on both inside and outside of the joint. Used for sealing of drinking and wastewater pipes, telephone conduits, expansion joints, cracks in masonry, etc. Good adhesion to pipe surfaces of all types is obtd. No displacement of adhesive during assembly of joint occurs, and there is no deformation or embrittlement during long periods of use. Efficient sealing over large contact areas is also obtd.

Bitumen Sealant

Bitumen sealant is the single component, neutral curing, high modulus, fast curign speed. And good adhesive capacity on many base material, having excellent weather ability And resistance the bitumen sealant can be applied in any season and easy to apply. There is high bonding strength, non-corrosive, have a strong seal with the majority of Construction materials.

Bitumen Crack Sealer

Crack sealer is deep enough, a grout material, such as a mortar or cement, is used to assist in filling these cracks. In these instances, the grout material is placed in the crack and allowed to harden. Thereafter, the asphalt sealer is placed in the crack over top of the grout material to completely fill the crack and level out the paved surface. This can also create durability issues in that existing grout fillers that are used in crack repair applications often have significant shrinkage issues. Thus, while an asphalt sealer used to help fill a crack may initially be level with the surface being repaired when the grout material shrinks, the asphalt sealer will drop into the crack as the level of the grout material recedes. The asphalt sealer thus is no longer flush with the upper paved surface and often falls into the crack itself.

Bitumen Metal Surface

Bitumen metal surface coat, preparation of the surface is of great importance and will influence the degree of adhesion obtained along with life of the coating. All surface must be sound, stable and thoroughly cleaned. Anti-corrosive bitumen may be applied on slightly damp but not wet surfaces. For excellent results apply on dry surface only.

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