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Black Masterbatches

Black - Masterbatches
HJ OIL Co. being one of the top Black Masterbatches suppliers , offers a diverse range of black masterbatches in a variety of carrier resins, including PE, PP, PS, SAN, PA, and PC, to meet the needs of all consumer segments.


Black Masterbatches manufactured by HJ OIL - the leading Black Masterbatches exporter in South Africa. Black Masterbatches are packed with a variety of size carbon particles ranging from 17 NM to 80 NM in size, all of which are Furnace & Thermal form carbon. Uniform dispersion, high jetness, blue and red tone, low grit, and volatile material are all features of our Masterbatches. For ease of use, these masterbatches are moisture-free. Based on end-use, our masterbatches include UV safety and food regulation compliance.


PE BLACK MASTERBATCHES: FILMS, PIPES, CABLES, ROTOMOULDING, and COMPOUNDING all use these classes. These masterbatches are made with powdered LDPE/LLDPE carrier resin and carbon grades ranging from 20 to 80 NM, as well as process additives and stabilisers, to produce a high-quality product with high jet blackness and dispersion. Moisture-proof PE bags with liners are used to pack these masterbatches. To provide all-around properties and efficiency during processing, all masterbatches are dust-free and have a low moisture content.


PP BLACK MASTERBATCHES: PP Yarn & Filament, Injection Molded Articles, Compounding & Recycling are all possible applications. To fits all applications, these are made of PP homopolymer with a high flow rate and 20 per cent -50 per cent carbon of 20-30 NM particles. High dispersion quality PP Black Masterbatches with high jetness and low grit content meet the colouring criteria of all segments.

PET BLACK MASTERBATCHES:With different I.V. PET Carrier Resin, these are made for textile and non-textile applications. Reinforcement carbon has a low molecular weight (below 25NM) and produces uniform dispersion and a jet black finish with a high gloss on the top. Pet Filament, Staple Fiber, Sheet, Containers, and Injection Molded Articles are the target application areas. Carbon content ranges between 20% and 40%, depending on the end-use.

Nylon -6 & 66 BLACK MASTERBATCHES: Monofilament, extruded sheets, and injection moulded parts for the automotive and appliance industries are all possible. A significant consumer category is compounding and recycling. These masterbatches are made with very fine carbon of 20-30 NM, low R.V. resin, and high-temperature lubricants to provide Jet Blackness, Gloss, UV Protection, and a smooth silky finish.

SAN BLACK MASTERBATCHES: Masterbatches for colouration of major styrene polymers such as ABS and SAN are made with high flow SAN resin powder and speciality carbon of very fine particles below 20 NM with Jet Blackness, High tint power, and Blue undertone with High Gloss on the surface. SAN masterbatches are used in ABS auto components, Appliances Parts, Sheets, and other extruded ABS & SAN parts with fill rates ranging from 25% to 35%.

PS BLACK MASTERBATCHES: These are made with 30% high flow general-purpose polystyrene resin powder and very small carbon particles (below 25 NM) for very fine dispersion and Jet Blackness. These masterbatches are used in injection moulded and thermoformed PS and HIPS posts, as well as extruded sheets. Products that are regulated by the FDA are also available.


PC BLACK MASTERBATCHES: These are suitable for injection moulded and extruded polycarbonate parts, primarily for the automotive and electrical industries. To make a high tint, jet black material, high flow polycarbonate resin is mixed with very fine diameter carbon (below 20 NM) and filled up to 30% with high-temperature process additives. UV-stabilized grades are also available to prevent chalking from harmful UV rays.


Environment friendly
Smooth and Shiny surface
It’s toughness
No phenomenon such as colour point or colour pattern
Reduced costs
Additives saving
Exceptional dispersion
A higher value of Jetness
Excellent performance when combined with other additives
Reduces the plant site pollution.
Automotive Compounding
Roto-moulded tanks, Injection Molding, and Blow Molding
Compounds for Cable sheathing
Conduits, Non-specification pipes, and Drainage pipes
Garbage bags and various Films
Geotextiles as well as Mulch Films
Higher MFI Lamination applications
Extruded products, ABS, HIPS, and PP Molded
Non-Woven PP bags
Biodegradable application

Note: HJ OIL exports/supplies Black Masterbatches as well as other masterbatches to Vietnam,Thailand, Philippines -South Africa, Guatemala, Honduras, UAE (Including all 7 emirates - Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al-Quwain, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah), Dominican Republic, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania.
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