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Description of semi refined paraffin wax 5-7% oil conten

In semi refined paraffin wax 5-7% oil content light or heavy grade, the slabs of paraffin can have 5% , 5.2% , 5.3% , 5.4% , 5.7% , 5.8% , 5.9% , 6% , 6.3% , 6.6% , 6.9% , 7% oil content melting point of semi refined paraffin wax 5-7% light grade can be minimum 58 c and maximum 60 c and in heavy grade, it is 62-64 c . Heavy or light slack waxes as the raw material have the impression on the melting point of semi refined paraffin wax 5-7%, between 58 to 64°C. These differences allow to the customers to choose inquired paraffin wax according to its own country temperature and location. Semi refined paraffin wax 5-7% oil content heavy grade is mostly used in warm weather countries and light grade in cold weather countries. The main ingredient of, 5-7% semi refined paraffin wax is light or heavy slack wax. The price is lower than fully refined paraffin wax. Paraffin wax 5-7% oil, is transparent, white, too hard, non-odor. Since the congealing point is about 2 degrees lower than the melting point, in light grade congealing of paraffin especially in candle needs lower weather degree.


Light grade

This grade is used in mild and cold weather countries like Ukraine, turkey, Germany, England, Russia, France, Italy, Norway, Netherland, Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.

Heavy grade

This grade is used in hot weather countries like: South Africa, India, Pakistan, Kenya, UAE, Venezuela, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Bahrain, Jordan, Ghana, Colombia and Brazil because if light grade used in hot weather paraffin will be melted and will make problem for the final product .

HJ OIL Co. guaranty the quality of semi refined paraffin wax 5-7% oil content with the arrangement of the international inspector to check quality and quantity of the semi-refined paraffin wax 5-7% oil content during the loading to the vessel and controlling the production by QC by batch test report before shipping. HJ OIL Co. guarantees the quality to meet with ASTM.

Application of semi refined paraffin wax 5-7% oil content

01.Semi-refined Paraffin wax 5-7% oil content commonly used as a lubricant in many cases.
02.Paraffin wax 5-7% oil content is used for, anti-oxidation, anti-crack in tire producing and polishing.
03.Semi-refined Paraffin wax 5-7% oil content, is used as a friction reducer in cement factories.
04.candles; to make candles
05.bottles; to seal the top of the bottle by melted wax
06.irons; to keep them smooth
07.drawers; to lubricate
08.handrails-to lubricate, rub the handrails with a bar of wax
09.Windows; to keep them opening and closing smoothly
10.zippers; to keep them from sticking
11.steel or iron; to prevent oxidation

Packing of semi refined paraffin wax 5-7% oil content

Semi refined paraffin wax 5-7% oil content is produced in 5 kg slabs which can be packed in carton or pp (poly propylene) bags. there should be a plastic liner to avoid any leakage, packing of 5-7% paraffin wax is so important because of higher oil content and most of the time it is not so hard, it is like paste and may be damaged during transportation.



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