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Barium Complex Soap Grease Definition

Barium Grease is a technologically advanced range of barium complex soap based greases enhanced with excellent resistance to water washout, aging and acid and alkaline solutions. Shows also excellent performance in combination with hot water and vapour. This makes it a very suitable grease for a vast range of applications. Suitable for use in centralized lubrication systems.

Barium Complex Soap Grease Applications

  1. Water, acids, alkaline bleach pumps
  2. Extractors and fans in very wet environments (i.e. cooling waters)
  3. Plain bearings and bearings in the textile and leather industry
  4. Mechanisms exposed to vapour in the paper industry
  5. Wheel bearings in all types of vehicles and moving equipment
  6. Driers in the wood industry
  7. Chains and roller belts in the packing industry
  8. Anticorrosive protection in sprayers walls
  9. Centralized lubrication systems in granulating machines (Grease Barium Complex M 1-2)
  10. Spindles
  11. Engines
  12. High speed bearing in wet or chemical ambience
  13. Bearings exposed to vibrations or oscillations in heavy industries
  14. Sealing grease in labyrinth packing
  15. Bearing discs
  16. Cold and hot water tap grease lubrication
  17. Rotary joints


  1. Appearance : reddish-yellow or green.
  2. Works over a wide temperature range.
  3. Dropping point approximately 220°C.
  4. Very good water resistance.
  5. Good mechanical operating stability.
  6. Very low coefficient of friction.
  7. Excellent wear protection.
  8. Outstanding mechanical stability.
  9. Resistance to water.
  10. Resistance to many chemicals.
  11. Low starting resistance.
  12. Extended lubrication intervals.


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