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About HJ OIL

HJ OIL Co. is The owner of Gilsonite Mine and Bitumen Refinery in west of Middle East to Produce all Types of Bituminous Products Including Penetration Bitumen 60/70 and Bitumen 80/100, Oxidized Bitumen like Bitumen 115/15, Bitumen 105/35, Bitumen 95/25, Bitumen 85/40, Bitumen 85/25, and Bitumen 75/30, Bitumen Emulsion Grade SS-1 and Cutback Bitumen in Various range like Bitumen MC-30 and Bitumen MC-70 and Distributing other Oil Base Material.
Also, HJ OIL Co. is the Shareholder of two of the largest Paraffin Wax And Petroleum jelly Production Factory in Middle East.
HJ OIL Co. is a Copartner in all kinds of Oil-Producing companies and was established in 2011 to assume the responsibilities of its predecessor.
HJ OIL Co. with a history to conduct business in 140 countries on every continent throughout the world.
Our product basket which was Formed in 2011 consists of Oil, Gilsonite, Bitumen, Wax, and all Lubricants.
HJ OIL Co. has adequate infrastructure and Expert human resources and uses modern equipment and Technologies for the production of Petroleum products. We supply our materials for use in the roads, Construction, and general civil engineering industry. Supplying Petroleum products is also a significant part of our business. We have Put the observance of all standards and the use of new Bitumen & Gilsonite and Base Oil production technologies at the top of our Priorities. We can get you precisely the materials you need reliably and cheaply, with minimum fuss.


HJ OIL Company is ready to introduce its products by sending samples to your proposed location.



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