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Bituseal Membrane



Product Description of Bituseal Membrane

The Bituseal Membrane comprises a woven glass fiber carrier incorporating tough and flexible polymer modified bitumen. The outer surface of the membrane is applied with a thin polyolefin film on the back side and the thin layer of sand on the front side which provides both mechanical and solar protection. The Bituseal Membranes has excellent mechanical and elastic properties. These are also maintained at low temperatures, thus ensuring that the product is resistant to mechanical damage and has a wide service temperature range. It is used as the field joint corrosion protection on oil, gas and water pipelines where field joints of good mechanical properties and long service life are the principal requirements.
Bituseal Membrane was originally developed to be applied on Bituseal coated pipes but has also successfully been used for polyethylene and polypropylene coated pipes. Furthermore, the membrane can be used as corrosion protection of pipework, tanks, and other installations. The Bituseal Membrane system also includes a fast-drying polymer compatible primer: Bituseal  Primer.

Application of Bituseal Membrane

Before applying the Bituseal Membrane it is important that the steel surface is oil and grease free. The steel should be cleaned to the minimum of Sa 2 using a wire brush or by blast cleaning. The surface roughness should be minimum 50μm. The cleaned area must be primed using either the Bituseal Primer, which has to be spray or brush applied. Application of the Bituseal® Membrane is performed manually. The technique requires that the adhesive backing of the Bituseal® Membrane is pressed firmly against the pipeline steel whilst being heated by the torch. The membrane is progressively unrolled around the pipeline circumference, keeping a thin bead of molten adhesive between the steel and the membrane, until it encircles the joint completely. This technique ensures that all air is excluded from under the membrane. When applying the Bituseal Membrane to bends and specials, a hand application technique is used, and the membrane may be readily tailored to suit surface contours.


The product should be stored upright on a dry surface. It should be protected against the ingress of moisture and direct solar heating. The Bituseal Membrane may be stored at a maximum of two layers.

Product Dimension

Different sizes of Bituseal Membrane could be produced in accordance with the customer order. Membranes with length more than 1.4 m are rolled around a core and wrapped using anti UV heat shrinkable film. Membranes with length less than 1.4 m are produced in the form of sheet and wrapped in anti UV heat shrinkable film.

Technical Data Sheet of Bituseal Membrane

Properties Unit Requirement Method of test
Mass per unit area gr/m2 Min 5000 EN ISO 2808
Thickness mm Min 4.0 ISO 3801
Holiday detection (5 kV per mm of coating thickness) kV Max 20 EN 10300 Annex R
Tensile Strength


– Longitudinal

– Transverse



Min 15

Min 20

EN 12068 Annex A
Peel strength at 23±2°C N/cm Min 70 EN 10300 Annex S
Peel strength at 60±3°C N/cm Min 20 EN 10300 Annex S
Lap shear strength at 60±3°C N/mm2 Min 0.05 EN 12068 Annex D
Impact resistance 23±2°C J Min 15 EN 12068 Annex H
Specific electrical insulation resistance,


– at 23±2 ºC

– at 60±3 ºC







Max 5

Max 12

EN 12068 Annex K
Dielectric strength kV Min 25 ASTM D 149
Water absorption gr/m2 Min 0.7 ISO 5256
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